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Business Ideas for Aspiring Nepali Entrepreneurs in 2023

Business Ideas for Aspiring Nepali Entrepreneurs in 2023

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with an ambition to lead your own business? If yes, then you are in the right place.

A unique idea is more likely to fail than to reach the heights you assumed. It’s safer to clone and implement existing ideas and incrementally improvise and improve the services. Firstcomers tend to misinterpret or have a hard time understanding the market which provides an undue advantage to others who learned from your mistakes. Here we are sharing some business ideas that can be implemented with minimum resources along with practical guidance in 2023.

Business Ideas for Nepali Entrepreneurs

  1. Web Design Service
  2. Graphics Design Service
  3. SEO and SMO Service
  4. Digital Marketing Service
  5. App Development
  6. Dropshipping Business
  7. T-shirt printing Business
  8. Photography /  Stock Photo Sales
  9. Video Production
  10. Youtube videos / Blogging services
  11. Podcast setup Business
  12. Recycle Business
  13. Handmade Product Business
  14. Tutoring Service
  15. Problem-Solving / Life Coaching Service
  16. Travel Arrangement and Consultation Service
  17. Nutrition Guide
  18. Local Grocery Delivery Service
  19. Mobile Phone / Computer Repair Service
  20. Online Course Service
  21. Fitness / Yoga Coach
  22. Share Market Analyst
  23. House Renting Agent
  24. Tour Package Business
  25. Freelancing Agency
  26. Import / Export Business
  27. Agriculture Products / Services
  28. Gardening Products / Services
  29. Pet Product / Services
  30. Dairy Products
  31. Food Delivery Service
  32. Medicine Delivery Service
  33. Online Store
  34. Electric / Electronic Technician
  35. Custom Clothing Design

This decade of 2020 is said to be the ten years of the entrepreneurial revolution. We are living with our daily food, education, shopping, services, and even our work highly dependent on the internet. Time has given everyone a chance to create any business of their interest through online mediums. More than 70% of Nepalese carry smartphones which can also be a testimonial for convincing you to adopt digital marketing. Beginning your career with a totally new idea that can affect many lives can be hard sometimes. Whether it is a technical sector or a traditional business idea until you can make people’s lives easier you shall catch the market. Make sure the audience on diverse platforms knows about your business.

Here is a quick guide for you on how to go on to execute the above Business ideas.

  1. Research national and international markets to identify opportunities and problems.
  2. Choose your area and learn about it not only technically but also from a business point of view.
  3. Find the gap in the existing market that you are intending to fill in and available ways to facilitate it.
  4. Identify your customers/ clients and where can they be found online.
  5. Identify the competitors and analyze their presence.
  6. Categorize the works from a business point of view such as; manufacturing/ service, finance, communication and marketing
  7. Then First things first, create your presence online through social media and website if necessary.
  8. Learn basic digital marketing to establish a flow of customers.
  9. Reach out to customers through social media ads and personal contacts.
  10. Client satisfaction is very essential especially when starting out.
  11. Meet new people either online or in real for marketing as well as learning purposes.
  12. Build a network of people working in the same field for additional opportunities.
  13. Develop a team as the demand grows.

From an example, it may be even clear.

If you are starting out with a Podcast Setup Service, initially you need to check if anyone is offering the same service. If there is one, you can check them on social media or visit them or send an inquiry as a customer to understand their services and budget estimation. If you found no one, then understand the basics yourself by researching online and offline. Youtube videos are sufficient for increasing your level of understanding. A target audience is key when marketing online. After you identify the types of equipment required and learn about the setup process, execute it in your home to check.

Simultaneously, build your social media presence and invite people to see what you are up to. Leaning basic digital marketing includes Facebook ads, post designing, copywriting, and content marketing. These are easier in theory but the real learning happens when you do it by yourself. Once you are ready with budgeting, seller contact, and necessary skills, reach out to people you know who may be interested in your services. You can post your ads through your business page, your personal profile, and also in various groups to increase awareness about your business. Once you find a client and successfully get paid, you can post a picture with them as a testimonial that can encourage other viewers.

Actively being available and visible to the target audience is vital. You can run a discount campaign for more engagement. Engagement posts like Share and win, Comment and win or predict and win are the tactics to increase your following. In this way, in a few months, you can develop your business gradually and learn more about what you can implement. Once things get hectic for you or your team to handle, look in for freelancers or new employees to distribute the workload.

Adding services like Computer setup and Network setup can be your next target. Being resilient and unlocking new doors is very crucial for a business to transform into an organization.

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