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Growth Hacks For Fruitful Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

Growth Hacks For Fruitful Digital Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

What is the basis of having a strong digital marketing foundation? Well, simply put any sort of entertainment that brings about a strong impact in the form of escapism yet educational serves its purpose. The world of today is moving at a rapid rate. To compete, the creative magicians serving in this field have to put their best foot forth to bring out the most influential elements. Growth hackers “someone whose true north is growth” boast about being self-sufficient and headstrong about their basics of marketing. But what are their shortcomings and how can they tackle them? Well, let’s discuss them down below:

Become A Voice Of The Audience

The first and foremost thing we should understand about digital marketing is to focus on listening to the voice of the audience. As we know, customers always come first. After you understand the audience demographics and target their individual needs, they will value each time they interact with your brand. However, sometimes visionary ideas go unnoticed due to the overwhelming content on the internet. So, to tackle that issue, entrepreneurs need to use data to drive their creativity to upscale their businesses. Sounds boring? It sure does but highly successful service companies like Google and Facebook also use this algorithm. In order to determine highly competent ad copies and creatives, they analyze the best conversion and click-through rates. Voila, now your content will now have a global outreach while getting the acknowledgement it deserves.

Give A Word Of Wisdom To The Startups

Growth hacking is as much essential to new startups since they follow mark it-or-break policy. For instance, they often use inexpensive, innovative, analytical and creative ways to make a long-lasting mark on the booming market. Engaging in cost-efficient and budgetary planning significantly helps the company grow their company base. It’s challenging to find the right balance in the ever-growing world of technology. Therefore to mitigate that you need to constantly update your content and prevent the decay of information flowing every second at supersonic speed. The controversy of fake news and the sheep mentality of people believing everything on the internet is still prevalent. Most of us want to succumb to all of the latest trendy news and depend highly upon social media. Therefore, focusing on low-cost promotion techniques to drive incredible growth should be under the grasp of the startups.

Indulge in Guest/ Influencer Performance

Establishing a profound digital marketing platform solely based on your own expertise is a misconception. Engaging with people who have rightfully established themselves in the digital world can be a facilitator to your company. With their proficiency, you can drive traffic and generate leads at a massive rate through blogging and vlogging. Not only that, referrals from friends, family and other influencers leave a strong impact on the customers. In this industry, such recommendations and connections go a long way cutting in a lot of your costs too. So next time you think about promoting your brand, just remember the most influential persona that can give you a shoutout. Just remember to make the best use of your social skills! To give you all an insight, Uber reached a soaring height by using referral code marketing in order to increase its user reach and brand awareness.

But how did it benefit the users exactly? Like every relationship, it is a give-and-take scenario where certain investment is required from the company as well. For example, the active users got a credit of $5 every time someone “referred” to their suggested codes. It may seem like a lot of money gone but in the long run, it brings out a lot of potential for the market. Now, Uber stands in an influential position with its successful campaign. Ever since then, a lot of ride-sharing apps have been following this technique. So, what did we learn from this? For starters, don’t hesitate to invest in your customers, as they will return the favour eventually (if they like your service.) Hey, but don’t get disheartened so soon, your next big idea can literally bring about a revolution with proper execution.

Podcast/ Livestreams

Although social media allows you to interact with your target audience, this pseudo flow of content can get quite mundane. So, to spice it up, podcasts with an accurate amount of light-hearted banter with a dash of entertainment make it incredibly enticing. Don’t hesitate to have some major discussions about the uprising topics. Hold up, criticism opens up doors to deep analytical dialogues. Basically, it’s a perfect strategy to pull a mass with opinions your way. And what’s the harm in offending a few folks anyways? You might be thoroughly bored with this article too at this point. Imagine if we had a podcast to keep grip your interest, would be amazing right?

Don’t neglect your local SEO

Online shopping trend has taken the world by storm. Your big plan will take an effort to make proper headway. A simple method to make your business more visible holistically through the search engine can be done using local SEO. Remember, common people should feel your company is an approachable entity. In case someone wants to find a new restaurant or grocery in your locale, they are most likely to search on Google. Therefore, establish your local keyword phrases and increase your leads through tools like Google My Business.

Having a big company doesn’t qualify you to be a successful one unless you put yourself at the foot of your audience. So, if you have a company; build a strong digital footprint that conveniently serves the concerns of the users. Try playing with the algorithm on various on-site and off-site work. This in turn returns a range of websites that excel at giving you organic results. It will definitely take some time to get on top of the game. But just as the tortoise wins a surprising victory towards the end, focus on the finish line for a tremendous outcome.

Say yes to innovation, always

If you want to excel in the field of digital marketing, you should be signed up for the evolution of creativity. What proved effective in the past will not work in the present. No matter how extraordinary your schemes are, it no doubt has an expiry date. The day you realize this, think from a new perspective and start again on a blank canvas. Reverse engineer what you’re about and what you want and create such impactful content that can instantly grab the hearts of millions. Ex Machina gave us an insight into the potentiality of AI in the modern world. So, we know we can make supercalifragilisticexpialidocious use of them(well hope it does not reach to that dangerous extent; if you know what I mean.)

Sadly, for countries like Nepal, we can’t afford to use AI for promotions. So, as an alternative, we can rely on automation services to conduct a somewhat similar function. How exactly? By improving the timing and rightful delivery of email marketing, social media content and any ad campaigns. Human minds have the exponential capability but we do have our limitations. While gathering a bunch of information every day, we miss out on some aspects. Instead of reminiscing on the “could be opportunities”, use automation to empower your brand engagement.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing for Growth Hacking

It hasn’t been long since our country switched from traditional marketing methods to modern logistics. Shifting from print and broadcast media to displaying content from digital platforms has surely proved to be cost-effective. But we are all well aware of the typical Nepali culture of “sweeping things under the rug.” Even if a mind-blowing opportunity comes knocking on our doorsteps, we act upon it at our own pace and miss out on great work prospects. So, as people working in a booming industry, let’s try to be more flexible and embrace this sector of work that has limitless possibilities. As a digital marketing company ourselves, we are also constantly trying out new things, experimenting with our strategies to ensure we give the best results to our client and you should do it too!

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